Friday, August 20, 2010

RESULTS: Young Hoosier State Piano Competition

Young pianists from throughout the state recently competed in the Indiana State Fair's Young Hoosier State Piano Competition. They played everything from classical to ragtime and showed the crowds they wouldn't be out of place performing at the Hillbert Circle Theatre in downtown Indianapolis.

Here are the results from the contest:

Youth Classical:
1. Chendi Liu
2. Mishael Paraiso
3. Hannah Liu
4. Ruth Kelley
HM Adelle Murphy
HM Annie Qin
HM Gracie Tubbs

Youth Non-Classical:
1. Melissa Su
2. Ruth Kelley
3. Benjamin genter
HM Nathan Fiedelday
HM Saylor Lancaster

Youth Jazz, Blues & Boogie
1. Virginia Reen
2. Ben Casica
3. Zion Andoh
4. Brynn Anderson

Youth Ragtime:
1. Ruth Kelley
2. Saylor Lancaster

Youth Schumann:
1. Oscar Wang
2. Alicia Wang

Youth Sonatina:
1. Mishael Paraiso
2. Christie Bao
3. Jocelyn Sun
HM Hannah Liu
HM Iris Yan

Youth Ensemble:
1. John Kelley & Ruth Kelley
2. Virginia Reen & Stephen Reen II
3. Tushar Sardesai & Alex Lee
HM Lincoln He & Michael Chen
HM Sarah Liao & Stephanie Liao

Jr. Classical:
1. Isabella Hu
2. Peter Rutkowski
3. Andy Morris
4. Anthony Peterson
HM Stephanie Hong
HM Claire Kim
HM Henry Su

Jr. Non-Classical:
1. Mark Mozina
2. Henry Su
3. Saki Tanikawa
4. Hannah Wang
HM Jacquelyn Knobelsdorf
HM Andy Morris
HM Sarah Tinaphong

Jr. Sonatina:
1. Jerome Sendon
2. Dominic Reen
3. Andy Morris
4. Amberly Xie
HM Stephen Reen II
HM Samuel Genter
HM Jacquelyn Knobelsdorf

Jr. Ragtime:
1. Mark Mozina
2. Stephen Reen II
3. Saki Tanikawa
HM Brandt Carmichael
HM Yoonseo Choi

Jr. Jazz, Blues & Boogie:
1. Bernard Reen
2. Dominic Reen
3. Henry Su
HM Jacquelyn Knobelsdorf
HM Mark Mozina

Jr. Sonata:
1. Mark Mozina
2. Peter Rutkowski
3. Michael Tam
HM Stephanie Hong
HM Isabella Hu

Jr. Chopin:
1. Peter Rutkowski
2. Anna Montgomery
3. Stephen Reen II
HM Dominic Reen
HM Louis Sokol

Jr. Schumann:
1. Peter Rutkowski

2. Bernard Reen
3. Hikaru Miyazaki
HM Dominic Reen
HM Stephen Reen II

Jr. Ensemble:
1. Bernard Reen & Dominic Reen
2. Jasmine Sendon & Sarah Tinaphong
3. Dominic Reen & Stephen Reen II
HM Andrew Walker & Hannah Walker
HM Katie Mao & Laan Yeung
HM Aaron Peng & Konwoo Kim

Mid-Teen Classical
1. Lyndon Ji

2. Roger Morris Jr
3. Joey wu
4. Haley O'Neil
HM Laan Yeung
HM Alexander Lai

Mid-Teen Sonata:
1. Lyndon Ji
2. Evelyn Foster
3. Jasmine Sendon

HM Baizhen Zhu
HM Anna Tam
HM Sang Jun Park
HM Michaela Walker

Mid-Teen Sonatina:
1. Marina Lopez
2. Regina Go
3. Zachary Weldon
4. Jessica Wilson

Mid-Teen Schumann:
1. Sam Roach
2. Sang Jun Park
3. Sarah Archer
4. Andrew Walker

Mid-Teen Non-Classical:
1. Roger Morris Jr
2. Jenny Ly
3. Regina Go
HM Patrick Meader
HM Dustin Phillips
HM Allyson Weber

Mid-Teen Jazz, Blues & Boogie:
1. Jenny Ly

Mid-Teen Chopin:
1. Madissen Pearson
2. Julie Puckett
3. Roger Morris, Jr
HM Lyndon Ji
HM Michael Tan

Mid-Teen Ragtime:
1. Julie Puckett
2. David Goldberg
3. Rachel Ollestad
4. Haley Long

Collegiate Non-Classical:
1. Hallie Thyr

Collegiate Ensemble:
1. Hannah Porter & Elizabeth Porter

Sr. Teen Classical:
1. Verna Mui
2. Jacob Merriman
3. Nick Sokol
HM Viven Lai
HM Roberta Weiner

Sr. Teen Non-Classical:
1. Miki Tanikawa
2. Jacob Merriman
3. Jacki Howard
HM Laura Knopp
HM Jill Bosserman
HM Paul Settle
HM Cecilia Hsu

Sr. Teen Chopin:
1. Stephanie Wu
2. Miki Tanikawa
3. Jill Bosserman
HM Nick Sokol
HM Darienne Patchett
HM Julianna Pikus

Sr. Teen Sonata:
1. Ejiela Agi
2. Lauren Dirks
3. Sam Vaught

Sr. Teen Sonatina:

1. Darienne Patchett

Sr. Teen Ragtime:
1. Julianna Pikus
2. Angela Pikus

Sr. Teen Ensemble:
1. Jacob Merriman & Sam Vaught
2. Emily Malek & Katy Malek
3. Megan Moles & Molly Moles
4. Angela Pikus & Julianna Pikus

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