Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fair's most dedicated fan - Ever!

Elizabeth Bowman isn't your typical fairgoer. In fact, there isn't much typical about her.

"Liz" is an 83-year-old Hoosier transplant. She moved here from Florida when she was 19 and discovered the Indiana State Fair when she was 21. She's been coming ever since. And I don't just mean that she's stopped out to the fair here and there over the years. I mean that she has come to the fair EVERY DAY of EVERY FAIR for 62 years! Can you believe that? I know that I couldn't... but it's true.

These days, Liz usually strolls up to the ticket window at Gate 1 on 38th Street around 9 a.m. where she purchases her ticket and makes her way into the fair. After checking in with her friends in the information booth to get her $3 wristband for the tractor shuttle, she'll maybe sit down and have a bite before making her way around the fair.

She is a woman of incredible faith and tons of resiliency. If you see her when you are out and about during the fair, tell her "Hi." She's a self-proclaimed "people person." And in case you are wondering, she doesn't just stay on the shuttle all day long. Word on the street is that she even stopped in Celebration Park the other day to take a turn on the mechanical bull. Can your Grandma do that?

Submitted by Andy Klotz

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  1. I love her and will be on the lookout! I think she deserves a lifetime pass for free Fair admission!