Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tippecanoe County Reigns Supreme

It wouldn’t be the end of the fair without crowning a new Indiana State Fair queen. Today, 88 great girls throughout the state highlighted what Indiana is all about. However, it was Erika Burghardt of Tippecanoe County who was crowned as Miss Indiana State Fair 2012. You couldn’t ask for a better reaction from Erika. "Surprised," "shocked" and "tears of joy" are all accurate descriptions of her emotions the moments after her name was called.

Check it out:

Throughout the summer I watched Sara Alford represent the 2011 Indiana State Fair and take part in many of the events during the fair. She did a great job, and I have no doubt that Erika will take over the title and do the same thing.

Congratulations, Erika! I can’t wait to return to the fair next year and see you reign over the “Year of Dairy Cows”!

Submitted by: Julie Woodward

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