Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A LEGO Up on Everyone Else

My two boys love LEGOS®. They could sit and build things for hours. Well, at least they could. They’re 10 and 13 now and LEGOS aren’t quite as cool as they used to be, but don’t try telling that to Brian Darrow.

Who’s Brian Darrow? Just call him “Mr. LEGO.”

Actually, Brian is just a regular guy… chiropractor by day, Lego madman by night (and weekends). Like every young boy, Brian started out building basic scenes with standard LEGO® kits. That was in the 1960s. When Brian’s sons started tinkering with the plastic bricks in the ‘80s and ‘90s, his interest was renewed and the hobby turned into a passion.

In 2003, Brian joined IndyLUG (Indy LEGO Users Group) and his creations started getting larger and larger. His works were part of the club’s public shows, but now have become so elaborate and well known that he usually has his own exhibitions, including one this year at the Indiana State Fair.

Brian has spent countless hours putting together his dynamic creations, but real Hoosiers are most amazed by his miniature Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The scene is not only ripe with detail inside the track, but the business and traffic jams outside the track are just as realistic.

It’s hard to tell in this video, but the front straight-away of this speedway has 33 signatures on it. The autographs are from all 33 drivers of the 2011 Indianapolis 500, in order of course. He even has A J Foyt's signature in the pace car position!

Brian is very happy to be sharing his passion with the public. His works will be in the Ellison Bakery Home & Family Arts Building throughout the remainder of the State Fair and he will be on hand to take visitors’ questions on the final two weekends of the fair.

So the next time you think your kid has become too old to play with his Legos, think about Brian… successful, happy and humble. Who wouldn’t want their kid to turn out like that?

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