Friday, August 12, 2011

Dr. Oz and the Donut Burger

I would have never thought of myself as someone to get star-struck but boy, was I wrong – because that’s exactly what happened when I met Dr. Oz on Thursday.

Dr. Oz knew that he was coming to the State Fair Aug. 11 to speak about Hoosier health. What he did not realize was that once he took the stage, he would be handed a donut burger. True Indiana State Fair style.

In case you are unfamiliar – a donut burger consists of a burger with all the fixes (onions, tomato, pickles, etc) squeezed in between two Krispy Kreme donuts.

It was unnerving to hand televisions new face of health a donut burger (in front of thousands of people), but someone had to do it. When presented with the burger, Dr. Oz grabbed the delicious concoction without hesitation and took a huge bite. The crowd went wild. And I got escorted off the stage.

My three minutes of fame might have been over but Dr. Oz remained on stage to dazzle the audience.

Look below for a snippet of his presentation!


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