Friday, June 29, 2012

Udderly Delicious Treats at the Signature Food Contest

Just like the majority of 20-something gals, I have a soft spot for sweets, but my real guilty pleasure is cheese.  Yes, I am that girl at Italian restaurants asking the waiter to shred a mountain of parmesan onto her pasta. It’s not my fault cheese makes everything better.

During the Indiana State Fair you can usually find me by the Dairy Bar, so needless to say I am eager to celebrate the Year of Dairy Cows.  The State Fair’s focus on dairy specialties made today’s Signature Food Contest my kind of heaven.
The contest featured six mouth-watering, dairy creations, ranging from fried cheese to ice cream sundaes.  A panel of eight judges sampled every signature item and shared their opinions on each, including State Fair Queen Erika Burghardt.

Don’t you wish you were there? Luckily, I was able to sneak a few bites. For the rest of you, start preparing your waistlines now because all of the following food masterpieces will be sold every day of the State Fair.
Spaghetti Ice Cream- LT Concessions Inc.
Spaghetti shaped Italian ice cream with strawberry ‘tomato sauce,’ shaved white chocolate ‘cheese’ and chocolate ‘meat balls’

Cheese Squared- Coffman Concessions                      
Chipotle, Creamy Spinach or Garlic Herb cream cheese wrapped in Swiss cheese, then lightly breaded and fried

Moo Chew Meal- American Dairy Association
A bright, refreshing lemon chiller milkshake with a sourdough grilled cheese sandwich loaded with American and pepper jack cheese.

Micro Beer Cheese Sauce- Barto’s Catering        
Local micro brew fused beer cheese sauce served on either fresh cut fries, hefty burger or on the side for dipping

Caramel Corn Sundae- Baskin Robbins              
Vanilla ice cream with hot caramel topping, caramel corn, fresh whipped cream, nuts and a cherry

Blue Ribbon Cannoli- Bakerman Concessions                 
A crisp Italian cookie shell filled with sweet, whipped ricotta cheese, whipping cream, powdered sugar, mini chocolate chips and dried berries, finished off with a powdered sugar sprinkle
Even though fairgoers can try all of these dairy snacks, there can only be one winner. At the beginning of July log on to or to read the judges’ comments and vote for your favorite signature food item.

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