Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lions and Tigers and CLOWNS

Oh my! To be precise – one lion, twelve tigers and countless clowns.

Yep, it can only mean one thing: the circus is in town. But not just any circus – the classic Murat Shrine Circus!! Only the fellas with the fezzes can put on this kind of show.

Way back when, I can remember Mom taking my brother and me to the circus and being absolutely transfixed on the wonder of it all – from the lights, to the music, to the animals and the limber acrobats. And then I had my first taste of cotton candy – I was hooked.

I now have the pleasure of being able to take my own kids to the Circus. Ah, the sheer joy of watching their little faces light up at the action is truly worth the price of admission. In fact, I really don’t know what I enjoy more – watching ‘Neecha and her Dazzling Dobermans’ or my son’s face grinning from ear to ear for literally the duration of the show.

Luckily, I will have the opportunity to do both! We snagged affordable tickets for the Sunday, 11:30 performance. But don't despair, there are many opportunities to visit. The Murat Shrine Circus will take place in the Pepsi Coliseum from Thursday through Sunday. Click here for the full schedule with times. Yum, I can taste the cotton candy already!

Submitted by Angie Foreman

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