Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers, Patios & Swag

Do you like to garden? No? Me either, but I do it anyway… and I do like the end result.

There’s something about having a well kept yard with flowers in bloom and fresh mulch connecting it all that makes the world seem right. Add a babbling brook and a fire pit with seating, and you’ve just created an outdoor paradise perfect for reading, entertaining or a nice summer siesta.

That’s what makes the Indiana Flower & Patio Show such a great event. Throughout the 4 ½ acre West Pavilion and the Toyota Expo Hall, you get to see a variety of outdoor paradises that will make you forget we’re still at the tail end of winter (with snow always a possibility).

This year’s show is themed “A Novel Idea” and boasts 29 sensational gardens inspired by each landscape artist’s favorite book, which range from The Bible to “Robin Hood.” I strolled through most of the gardens right before today’s show opening and they are absolutely incredible! Check ‘em out:

I know there has been some confusion about the other 3-day flower show that debuted in downtown Indy last weekend, but there is simply nothing that compares with this show. It is way better than any other show in the Midwest and compares favorably to just about any show in the country. It has 57,000 square feet of gardens, for Pete’s sake! It is also locally owned and operated, which always means something to me.

After 52 years here at the State Fairgrounds, this show has become a family tradition for many Hoosiers – a place to get excited about the upcoming seasonal change and a great resource to prepare for that outdoor project you’ve been putting off.

And there’s one other great thing about the Indiana Flower & Patio Show: FREE STUFF! Each day, the first 100 visitors that visit a show information booth and say “I love the Indiana Flower & Patio Show” will receive a free swag bag full of very cool items related to finer outdoor living. Another 100 bags will be distributed at random. How can you beat that?!

So make sure to visit the show sometime between now and March 21. And even if you don’t like to garden, you will love shaking off the winter blahs.

Submitted by Andy Klotz

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