Thursday, August 8, 2013

Take pride in Hoosier history at the Indiana State Fair

After growing up in Elkhart, Ind. and attending college in Indianapolis, I’m proud to call Indiana my home. Although I’ve lived in this state for my entire life, I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes I forget about its rich history.
That’s why this morning I took advantage of Hoosier Heritage Day at the fair. I came across a booth that is all about the “Hoosier History Hunt.” This awesome project focuses on the restoration of about 500 “Historical Markers” throughout the state. Today at the fair, visitors have the opportunity to help repaint “The Old Northside” Marker from 12th and Delaware streets.

It was fun contributing to a cause that keeps Hoosier history alive all over the state! After today I plan on getting more involved with the project, and you can too. Here’s how:
  1. Visit the IHB website, and click “Historical Markers” from the sidebar and choose “Find a Marker.”
  2. Take a road trip to a marker near you and experience your history!
  3. Take a photo of both sides of the marker and email them to or post directly to Flickr at This helps track the condition of the markers and determine which ones need repairs. Many have been in the same location for decades!
You can also volunteer with school groups, scouts, clubs, etc. to help paint or repair! For more information on the Hoosier History Hunt, come out to the State Fair today and explore the Hoosier Heritage booths on State Fair Blvd.

Or you can look online:

Posted by: Hilary Welter

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