Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coliseum renovation well worth the wait

 It’s been sad to drive into work each day and see the Coliseum with all of its scaffolding and patches, but as this video shows, a year off from the Fair is worth it for the improvements being made to the Coliseum. Each year I came to fair to show my animals, I came with hope that I would end up in the Coliseum for the Grand Drive – the Super Bowl equivalent for Indiana 4-H kids. Even though I never quite got there,  I know that in the years to come  it will be an even greater honor to 4-H’ers who make it because the Coliseum will then reflect the thrill and grandiosity that is the Grand Champion Drive.

Hunt’s construction is breathing new life into the Coliseum. See what you think of the progress being made as Project Manager Rich Trombley gives us an up-close look.

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