Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rising Stars Perform on XFINITY Main Street Stage

I used to be a superstar. I practiced my dance moves in dress-up clothes, wore my mother’s lipstick and belted Britney Spears songs into my inflatable microphone in front of millions. Okay fine, maybe it was actually just in front of my bedroom mirror.  Either way, I was on my way to stardom. 

Southern Indiana’s Rachel Timberlake experienced similar moments, but only behind closed doors. 

“I was way too shy and embarrassed to ever let anyone watch me sing,” Rachel said. “If you would have asked 15 years ago what I wanted to do when I grew up, being a country music star wouldn’t have crossed my mind.”

In fact, Rachel never even participated in her school’s choir. Instead basketball dominated her teenage years and continued to at Franklin College until an injury forced her to give up the sport.

After graduation, Rachel began teaching fifth grade in Corydon, Ind. and married her high school sweetheart, Jason. 

“My husband and I had everything planned out.  You graduate high school, then college, then you get married and buy a house and then you have kids,” Rachel said.  “When it was time to start a family we tried really hard, but the kid part of our plan never happened.”

When the possibility of never having her own children became a reality, listening to country music helped Rachel cope with the heartbreak. 

“Music helped me remember that things don’t always work out as planned and showed me that life holds other opportunities,” she said.

Sure enough, Rachel discovered her new goal during a trip to Nashville for her 5-year anniversary.  After some heavy coaxing by her husband, Rachel sang on stage for the first time. 

Three years later, FAME Review says Rachel is on her way to the top of country music. 

Her wide range of music inspiration, ranging from 80s pop to R&B, gives her self-titled CD a unique sound that she describes as country crossed with Midwestern rock.  Check out Rachel singing her biggest hit, “Honky Tonk Queen” live in concert.

Right now the band is still independent, but Rachel’s husband, and manager, keeps them busy with shows every weekend during the school year and non-stop all summer. 

“I want music to be my full-time job,” said Rachel. “I know it takes baby steps to get there, but eventually I want to sign with a record label.  I want the big performances and the screaming fans. I want to make it big.”

Known for her high-energy stage presence and zumba-inspired dance moves, Rachel guarantees fairgoers will have fun watching her perform live at the Indiana State Fair on Aug. 10.  The concert begins at 8 p.m. on the XFINITY Main Street Stage.   

“I always have so much fun performing and when the audience gets excited our band feeds off that energy,” Rachel said. “There is nothing better than seeing people having a good time at my shows.”