Friday, July 2, 2010

Goin' Hog Wild for Piggly-Wiggly's!

Hey friends!

Guess what I found out today?! If you remember, I said I grew up on a hog farm. Well…I still do live on the farm. I found out today that we are getting another load of baby pigs! This means I get to help! Now, truthfully I haven’t helped with the pigs in awhile because I have been off at school. I’m really quite excited to see all those ear-piercing, not-necessarily-pink, quick, little piggly-wigglys. Maybe we will end up with a few pictures I can show all of you!

Speaking of pictures, I was going through some old 4-H pictures and found a few that just happen to fit this “Pig Crazy Queen” very well. They are from my first year in 4-H. Enjoy!

My dad and I looking to see when I would show my first pig!

The makings of a "Pig Crazy Queen!"

Last weekend, I was so excited to be at my first official County Fair where there was dust-a-flyin’ and boots-a-stompin’! I was in Blackford County at their livestock auction where everyone had their boots on, and I was able to welcome everyone to the auction and take pictures with the 4-Hers and their Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion animals. An auction is truly a time where 4-Hers have a mix of emotions.

Being in 4-H for ten years, I know how it feels. You work for weeks or months with a hog, a steer, sheep, goats, chickens, etc., and they can become your pet. But the auction is the part of the fair where you sell your animal, if you choose, and it can be a time of joy, sadness, heartbreak, or liberation...or all these emotions at once! I just want to congratulate all 4-Hers for making it through the week of your fair and all the effort you put into getting to that point. I also want to thank all the buyers who come out to a 4-H Livestock Auction specifically. Without the support of family, friends, businesses, organizations, and community supporters, 4-H wouldn’t exist. It means an incredible amount to the 4-Hers that you continue to support them as well as the 4-H program.

Until next time, Dig the Pig!
- Denae,
Miss Indiana State Fair Queen, 2010

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