Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everything's bigger in ... Indiana?

People might say everything’s bigger in Texas but, from the look of things around the fairgrounds the last week, the Indiana State Fair might be ready to take that claim to fame.

First, there were the trusses of the 71-foot long Boy Scouts Legacy Project Bridge that went up the last two weeks (see photo at left). The entire bridge is expected to be completed by Aug. 6. Then, on Monday, crews were busy installing the 25-foot-tall “God Bless America” sculpture in the Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park on the northwest side of the fairgrounds. The J. Seward Johnson piece of public art, based on Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic” painting, will be on display during the fair, Aug. 6-22.

Miss the installation? Check out our time-lapse video below:

Submitted by Kristofer Karol

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  1. Great video! I'm so impressed/proud of our State Fair and the level of professionalism!