Friday, May 14, 2010

Indy's Biggest KISS Fan

Meet Linda Bestwick, a seemingly normal middle-aged suburbanite… or is she?

Linda showed up at the State Fairgrounds ticket office at 10 a.m. May 13 to get tickets for KISS’ August 9 Show at the Indiana State Fair. There’s nothing unusual about that, right? Not really, except that the tickets didn’t go on sale until 10 a.m. on May 14!

That’s right, Linda spent 24 hours waiting to get her tickets because she just can’t get enough of the rockin’ face painters. She loves the music, but also the way they treat their fans.

"When they perform, you really feel like they seriously care about you as a fan, and that you're very, very important to them," she said.

Linda has seen the group eight times already, but expects this show to be their best - because their last one alway is.

"Every show they do, I'm so amazed. You can't think there's ever any way they're ever going to top themselves, and then every show you go to -- it's like, I can't believe it, they've outdone themselves again," she said.

Asked if she was planning to go home and get a nap after spending all night in line, Linda said that wasn't the plan as she has things to do. For one, she was planning to put her tickets in a safe deposit box until August 9.

That was a joke... I think.

Submitted by Andy Klotz



    This guy is a pretty big fan as well. He has seen the band at least 30 times and has a complete room of memorabilia. Kiss is awesome!


    this guy is a pretty big fan as well. Been to atleast 30 Kiss concerts and has a room full of memorabilia. Kiss rules! good stuff. I thought I was a fan. I can't hang with these guys.