Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Babe. Winkelman.

Florida has Disney World. Virginia has Colonial Williamsburg. Minnesota has the Mall of America.

And Indiana has its very own attraction/amusement park for the next week. I’m not kidding. It's a playground for one and all. It’s the Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show. It’s been a long time since I was on a boat - the last time, I was sitting on deck drinking something with an umbrella in it - and I don’t consider myself as “sporty,” but if I were you, I’d travel over to the show at the fairgrounds. (See how clever I am, with using the words of the event in my blog? Oh, my sides!)

A few reasons why you should go:

**DockDogs. There are DockDogs shows, where local four-legged friends and their owners compete to be the top diver/jumper. If you go, you’ll get a sneak-peek, since the DockDogs will be featured this summer at the Indiana State Fair!

**Kids’ Day. On February 27th, get them out of the house and onto the Rock Wall. They’ll love you for it. They’re already squirrelly for Spring; why not humor them?

**Tackle Town. I am not making this up. There is an area called Tackle Town USA. Shouldn’t that be reason enough?

**Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel. This is exactly what it sounds like. Check out Twiggy’s schedule here.

**Babe Winkelman. As a little sister who had no choice but to watch whatever her big brother was watching on TV, I know who Babe Winkelman is. He’s a well-known outdoorsman, and has been hosting shows about hunting and fishing for years and years. But regardless of that fact, I’m okay with anything having to do with a man who has a name like Babe Winkelman. BABE WINKELMAN, people.

So what are you doing this week? Why not do something different, get out of the house, and get a taste of warmer weather at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show. It’s here all week (until 9PM on weekdays), through the weekend. If you stop by, tell Babe and Twiggy I said hi. At the very least, have your picture taken next to the Tackle Town sign.

Submitted by Claire Wilcher

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