Friday, December 18, 2009

Just in Time for the Holidays

So, I don’t mean to be a real Scrooge here – you know, a Mrs. BAH HUMBUG! But, let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful – for anyone, but especially for that person that waits until the very last minute to start Christmas shopping. Ok, I did give myself 2 days before my first of four Christmas celebrations. What was I thinking? Maybe that sales would be plentiful the closer it gets to the 25th? Nah, not the case – in fact, I have witnessed the opposite – stores are practically preying on the idle procrastinators out there. Perhaps I was thinking that I might have more free time if I took a few days off to concentrate solely on shopping? Well, that didn’t pan out – decided to save up all my vacation days for the week between Christmas and New Years. Nope, basically I just buried my head in the sand like an ostrich in denial…ignoring my impending shopping tasks for yet another day.

You see, my shopping usually kicks off right about the same time as the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show, which really is - in my humble opinion - the true “kickstart” to the holiday season. And, it usually just gets me in that warm and fuzzy holiday spirit. For some reason, it just didn’t work this year – in fact, I didn’t buy even one gift – not one silly Christmas tchotchke. Though my Mom bought plenty for the both of us, and half of Central Indiana.

And then I did make it to a
Roller Derby Girls bout – which was amazing by the way, and it made me think….”hmm, these tickets could make some really fine gifts for friends.” Later, my thinking turned to the Indiana Ice – “wow, those tickets too would make a great gift for that hockey-loving brother-in-law of mine.” Finally, the Pepsi Coliseum’s public skating crossed my mind – my kids LOVE to ice skate. And, ice skating passes wouldn’t break the bank! I have to admit, there are options right in my backyard – and I wouldn’t have to get in a mess of traffic to purchase anything. Um, yeah, I’ll finish this later…I have some shopping to do!

Submitted by Angie Foreman

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