Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girl Scouts celebrate 100th anniversary

Today was Girl Scout Day at the Indiana State Fair, and it was quite a celebration. The scouts have something pretty special to celebrate this year -- the organization's 100th birthday!

From small beginnings in Savannah, Ga., by founder Juliette Gordon Low, the organization has grown to include 3.2 million girls and volunteers nationwide. As a member of Girl Scouts for the vast majority of my childhood, this makes me so proud.

I have many fond memories and funny stories from my time as a Girl Scout. We went on camping trips, we had movie nights, we staged performances. I still get grief from my fellow Girl Scout alumnae about one time we were on a camping trip. I got scared of the bugs so I proceeded to spray an entire can of Off! inside our tent. I'm not sure how we didn't suffocate that night.

But there's even more to this great organization than fun and smiles. It's a true learning experience. We took trips to places like Conner Prairie and the zoo, and we even drove to Washington, D.C., one year. My troop leader was an outstanding female role model, and is still a positive influence in my life. I think most Girl Scouts feel the same way, and that's why millions of girls pledge membership.

When you come out to the fair this year, you can see many of the ways the Girl Scouts are involved and celebrating their milestone. Today, they hosted a fashion show and a sing-a-long on the Free Stage and then enjoyed the Allstar weekend concert together.

Through the fair, the scouts are the presenting sponsor of the Livestock Nursery and host a fun booth beside it. Also, deep-fried Samoa Girl Scout cookies are proving to be one of the most intriguing foods to fairgoers this year. You've got to join us and try one!

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